Shop Talk - April 2008

Time sure flies when you are having fun! Someone once said "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life". Well, knifemaking can sometimes be pretty hard work but it is what I love. I'm sorry it's been so long since we updated our Shop Talk page but I am staying so busy making knives and working with the Knifemakers Guild that it's hard to find the time to sit down and write. We are still rolling along, making knives and occasionally traveling to shows.  

As President of the Knifemakers Guild we are very busy and working hard to to make the Guild even bigger and better than ever. I hope that some of you can join us at our annual Knifemakers Guild Show at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando Florida August 1-3, 2008. This show features some of the top custom knife makers in the world and collectors come from far and wide to see the incredible knives on display. We have also revamped the Guild's website and if you haven't seen it lately please take a look at . 

We are getting into spring and summer now and that means I will be busy making knives to take to the Solvang Custom Knife show in Solvang, California April 25-27 and that is quickly followed by the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia May 30 - June 1. A week after that I will be holding one of my week-long knifemaking classes June 9-13. We are only offering two classes this year, the June class and one more in September. If you would like to attend please register through our website. Classes are limited in size and they usually fill up quickly so register soon if you would like to attend. 

The new "Rambo" movie has generated a lot of interest in the new knife I designed and made for the film. It might seem like it would be a simple process to make that knife but the reality is that it took almost a year and nearly a dozen of handmade prototypes to arrive at the final design that was used. And then I made several more movie knives that would actually be used in the film. I must say that it is quite rewarding to finally see your work in the hands of a big star on the big screen and your name in the credits. I have now made knives that have been used in several movies and TV shows. It can be stressful at times to come up with something that pleases all of the people involved and meet tight deadlines but, as I said, it is rewarding too. Sylvester Stallone has been a collector of my custom knives since back in the 1980s and I am honored that he again called on me to make his movie knives.  

I am happy to say that United Cutlery back up and running strong in their new headquarters and under new ownership and management. They are continuing to produce factory made knives based on my designs. Their new catalog includes several of our old favorites and some new models. They are also making replicas of the knives that I designed and made for the "Rambo" movies. Due to a licensing dispute with the owners of the "Rambo" name, these knives will not have that name on them but rest assured that the United Cutlery replicas are the ONLY knives that I have endorsed and granted license for my designs. You may see other copies out there but the imitators are NOT authorized or licensed to use my knife designs. If it doesn't say "Hibben Knives" on the knife, it is not a genuine replica of the knives that I designed and made. 

I am also still making a lot of my popular models that I have made throughout my career including the Alamo Bowie, The Iron Mistress Bowie, my Keith Skinners, Scagel Hunters, and of course my RIII and JR movie knives. 

Well, I guess that pretty much brings us up to date. If you can make it to one of the custom knife shows, please come by our table and say hello. Linda and I always love meeting fellow knife enthusiasts and collectors. That's all for now. Back to the grinding wheel.


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