Factory Production Knives designed by Gil Hibben

Note: United Cutlery is operating under new ownership and from new headquarters in Thomasville, GA.  New United Cutlery products are now available! You can visit their website at www.unitedcutlery.com for more information or check with your local United Cutlery dealer.

PLEASE NOTE: United Cutlery products are not associated with Hibben Knives other than we licensed the designs to United Cutlery so they could manufacture replicas.  Hibben Knives has no control over the manufacture, distribution or repair of United Cutlery products. Hibben Knives cannot repair or replace United Cutlery products. Please contact United Cutlery or your United Cutlery dealer directly for repairs of replacements. Hibben Knives makes and sells Gil Hibben handmade knives only.

NEW United Cutlery Hibben Knives for 2009

GH5001 RTF Recon




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