Gil Hibben Handmade Custom Knives


These pages are for handmade custom knives personally
made by Gil Hibben in his LaGrange, Kentucky shop

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Factory Production Knives Designed by Gil Hibben
Manufactured by United Cutlery

Gil Hibben licenses some of his designs to United Cutlery for reproductions. United Cutlery is the ONLY manufacturer authorized by Gil Hibben to reproduce his designs. Visit to see the whole line of reproductions offered and to find retailers near you.

Please Note: The United Cutlery items are mass-produced reproductions of Gil Hibben designs and are not made, sold or repaired by Gil Hibben or Hibben Knives. Contact your place of purchase or United Cutlery for parts, repair, replacement, or any warranty issues.
Hibben Knives does not stock, sell, repair or replace United Cutlery products.

***Copies of Gil Hibben designs, including replicas of the knives that Gil Hibben designed for the "Rambo" movies, that are being sold by Master Cutlery, Hollywood Collectables Group or any other manufacturer other than United Cutlery are NOT authorized, endorsed, approved by or otherwise associated with Gil Hibben or Hibben Knives in any way.