Sylvester Stallone once again requested that Gil Hibben make a knife for "Rambo" to use in the new movie "Rambo" due to be released in January 2008.

Look for an in-depth story about the development of the knife in the February issue of Blade Magazine or you can click HERE.

Gil is offering a special serial numbered series of 100 handmade replicas of the knife he made for the movie. Each comes complete with an authentic handmade leather sheath, Certificate of Authenticity, and custom padded carrying case.

For over 20 years we have used the “RAMBO” trademarks (currently owned by StudioCanal Image S.A.) in connection with the advertising and sale of the knives featured in the movies Rambo III and Rambo.  While we strongly believe we still have the right to use the “RAMBO” trademarks, we have decided to temporarily discontinue such use in order to avoid a legal dispute with the trademark owner.  We are, and will continue to be, the ONLY source of authentic reproductions of the knives used by Sylvester Stallone in the movies Rambo III and Rambo.

SOLD OUT - Sorry the original series of 100 serial numbered handmade replicas has sold out. Due to the high demand, we are making a slightly different limited 2nd Edition series of 100. Please see below.

The knife is an impressive 18" in overall length and features a 12" blade of 1/4" thick D2 carbon steel. The handle is cord wrapped and covered with grip tape. It comes complete with a handmade leather sheath, Certificate of Authenticity, and a special padded carrying case.

Stallone also requested that Gil make a special copy of the knife that Gil created for the movie "Rambo III" from D2 carbon steel to be used in the movie but the scenes were cut in the final edited version of the film. Maybe it will be shown in the DVD version.

As with all movies, scripts are usually re-written during production and then scenes are edited out of the final release. The previous knife is not seen in the theater version of the film. We hope some of the scenes showing the knife will be included in an extended DVD version of the movie.

Click HERE to see the whole story about the development of the knife.

J.R. 2nd Edition

The original handmade screen accurate limited edition of 100 replicas has sold out. Due to the continued high demand, we are offering a limited 2nd edition of this exciting new knife.

This version is the same high carbon D2 steel and the same size and weight of the movie knife. Unlike the first edition, this unlimited version has a "cammo" handle wrap, it is marked a little differently, and it has a black leather handmade sheath. It does come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Gil. Limited Edition of 100.

Each knife is entirely handmade by Hall of Fame knifemaker Gil Hibben in his shop in LaGrange, Kentucky. The knives are fully heat treated and tempered for optimum performance.

To order your knife, please see our Online Catalog HERE.


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