"The Rough Grind" Video

Master Knifemaker Gil Hibben Presents
"Freehand Grinding: The Rough Grind"


The first in a series of video tapes that demonstrates Gil Hibben's unique style of making knives. This 88-minute professionally produced video covers the rough grind, the shaping and grinding done before heat treating and finishing the knife.

Topics demonstrated include:

This video is a "must see" for aspiring knifemakers or anyone who wants to see how Gil produces his magnificent handmade knives. The video is packed with information and the process is shown in incredible detail as Gil describes each step. You will see Gil's incredible craftsmanship, developed over 49 years of making knives, as he takes raw steel and transforms it into beautiful hand-ground collectors items.

The DVD can be purchased from the online catalog.

Below are some actual stills captured from the video. You can see the fantastic detail! This is not some home video shot on uncle Fred's camcorder. This is a professionally produced tape, shot with the latest 3-chip digital video cameras. You see every step of the process, on different style blades, from multiple angles, with close up detail, and all the while hearing Gil himself describe what he doing and sharing his vast knowledge metals and grinding techniques. Anyone who appreciates the skill and craftsmanship of hand-ground knives should see this video!


The video below shows some excerpts from the DVD. This is only a sample of what you get in the full 88 minute DVD.


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