Custom Handmade Knives
  by Gil Hibben

Gil Hibben uses his 59 years of knifemaking experience to handcraft some of the finest and most unique handmade knives available anywhere. Working in his well equipped shop in LaGrange, Kentucky, Gil makes his knives and sheaths entirely by hand resulting in the unique style and incredible fit and finish that has made Hibben Knives famous worldwide.

Gil makes several popular styles such as his Alamo Bowie, Iron Mistress Bowie, Elmer Keith Skinner, RIII Bowie, and Scagel Hunters on a regular basis as they are in constant demand among outdoorsmen and collectors. Since no two handmade knives are ever exactly alike, each one is a unique one-of-a-kind knife in it's own special way.

Of course, Gil can make a custom knife based on your design or specifications.
Custom knives made to your design will require a non-refundable deposit.

Please visit our ONLINE STORE to order from a selection of finished handmade knives that are available for immediate delivery.

Some of Gil Hibben's most popular handmade knives:
(Click on the picture for more details):


       The Alamo Bowie                                      RIII                                                   J.R.             



Rescue                               50th Anniversary                                      Iron Mistress

        Elmer Keith Skinner                  Scagel Hunters                  The Expendables

   NEW! Big John                            Photo Gallery


Click HERE for a tour of Gil's knifemaking shop.

Click HERE to see how Gil makes his knives.


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