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Gil Hibben and Sylvester Stallone have a long professional history going back to their meeting at a custom knife show in California some 27 years ago.

After making the legendary knives for Rambo III and Rambo IV, Sly called upon Gil to make knives for the 2010 movie "The Expendables".

The Expendables was a huge success. The $70 million movie grossed over $274 million by the end of it's opening year. That kind of success demanded a sequel and Stallone obliged with "The Expendables 2" and an even bigger cast of action stars. Stallone and Lundgren will reprise their roles with the knives they carried in the first movie but Sly wanted more knives for other members of the cast.

Get went to work...

Below you see work in progress on two of the new knives including one of the half-blade prop knives that Gil made for the movie.

In all, Gil made 10 different models, duplicate copies of some, and also provide several sets of grips for Colt .45 pistols with the Expendables logo on them. The scrimshaw artwork logos on the knives and grips was done by Gil's long-time friend scrimshaw artist Rick "HutcH" Hutchings.

We have yet to see the movie and find out what knives will be seen in the film but from the production and pre-release stills that we have seen, at least four of Gil's knives are expected to play prominent parts.

The November 2012 issue of Blade Magazine features the Expendables 2 Legion Fighter on the cover and a 6-page spread about the knives inside.

The knives that Gil provides for the movies are the real thing, sharpened fully functional knives. The studio prop department may make some dull aluminum or rubber replicas for close quarter fight scenes. Gil also made some prop knives with half-blades that can appear to be sticking into something, or someone, as demonstrated on Mike Carter below.

There are rumors of Rambo V and The Expendables 3.

Gil is now taking orders for exact handmade serial numbered replicas of the knifes he made for the movie.

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