Art Knives

Besides being a master knifemaker, Gil like to express his artistic visions in steel. Some of his fantastic creations are indeed artistic metal sculpture as much as they are knives.

Gil Hibben broke new ground in 1990 when he licensed United Cutlery to reproduce some of his designs. The products became known as the annual "Fantasy Series" with a new design being released each year through 2006.

Shown here are examples of knives that Gil has made. Some of the knives shown may be one-of-a-kind custom knives that are not available for purchase.

Please visit our ONLINE STORE to order available knives or contact Gil about ordering a custom design.


The Alien
Design by Paul Ehlers

Gremlin II
Design by Paul Ehlers

The Dragonfly
Design by Paul Ehlers

Elf Dirk
Design by Paul Ehlers

Design by Paul Ehlers


Thors Sicle
Handle carved by Jody Sampson (maker of the Conan the Barbarian sword)
Blade design by Paul Ehlers


Designed and made Gil Hibben



Black Widow
Design by Paul Ehlers

St. Georges Sword
Design by Paul Ehlers

Design by Paul Ehlers

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