The Knife Shop

A tour of the knife shop: Even though Gil does everything by hand and none of the equipment is automated, it still takes a lot of machinery to make the dozens of handmade knives that Gil makes in a year.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw #1                                 Metal Cutting Bandsaw #2

Horizontal Bandsaw                                Disc/Belt Grinder


Belt Grinder #1                                             Belt Grinder #2                  

Belt Grinder #3                                       Belt Grinder #4

        Belt Grinder #5     

Surface Grinder #1                                           Surface Grinder #2

Mill #1                                                      Mill #2

Pantograph Mill                                             Drill Press

                                     Lathe                                                      Disc Grinders            

                    Milling Bits                       Hand Files                        Hand Tools  

Heat Treating Ovens                                          Press      

Leather Room                                                 Stitcher #1

         Stitcher #2                                                 Etching Bench

              Engraving Bench                                     Rockwell Tester

Bead Blaster                                                     Shipping

Buffing Room                                               Tooling Bench   



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